What's in the Box


Web based.

Install Elements XS on your server and access data from any browser on any device via the web. No client-side installations or maintenance required.


Powerful GIS. And more.

If it belongs on a map, we'll track it there. Equipment and other assets that don't belong to a set of coordinates can also be managed using Elements XS.


Utility Billing Integration.

Real-time seamless integration options provide additional GIS functionality and web access capabilities to your utility billing application.

Simple by Design

Flexible Work Orders
Define the types of work you'll be doing then define the data you'll be collecting for each type of work. Design your own data collection forms and you're on your way. Elements XS provides user-configurable work management forms allowing users to create and manage their own workflows and processes.

Work Order Templates
Pre-define scheduled start and end dates, user assignments, priorities, workflow processes, and more for your Work Orders using templates. Quickly create Service and Work Orders with a single click.

Task Management
Each work order in Elements XS can contain an unlimited number of sub-tasks. Each individual task contains job cost information, labor and material usage, and other user-definable details specific to the completion of the individual tasks. These tasks can be routed through different crews and departments at different times while relating back to the parent work order, which totals all job cost information and displays task summary details.

Powerful GIS Integration

View Work Locations on a Map
Geographic locations of active and historical work are automatically displayed on the map. Use the GIS integration tools to create custom map-based workflows, pinpoint locations of leaks, visualize problem areas, and optimize driving routes for meter shutoffs and other tasks.

Direct ArcGIS Server Integration
Read directly from and write directly to your ArcGIS Server v10 using Elements XS. No data duplication or synchronization required, this GIS integration method provides the most up-to-date, real-time access to GIS information available.

Other GIS Integration Options
Elements XS offers the ability to integrate with non-ESRI platform GIS tools as well. Users can import and synchronize any industry standard GIS file type into Elements XS to manage information geographically and link work management data to GIS assets.

Inventory Management

Manage Job Costs
Track inventory and resources used on Work Orders and projects including labor, materials, and equipment to determine job costs, report on equipment usage, and manage labor costs.

Stock Levels, Purchase Orders, & Item Receipts
Use Purchase Orders and Item Receipts to keep track of parts on order and quantities of inventory items currently on hand at each of your inventory warehouses. Set reorder points and restock levels for each of your inventory items to make sure you've always got enough of what you need.

FIFO Valuation
Enter Vendor Bills to keep track of how much you've paid for each of the parts that have been ordered. Use the FIFO valuation method to determine how much money worth of inventory you've got on hand at any given time at any given inventory warehouse or stock location.

Non-GIS Assets

Flexible Data Structure
Define the types of assets you'd like to track, organize those assets into a hierarchy, then define the attributes for each of the asset types. Track Work Orders and other important information on these assets.

Fleet Management & Heavy Equipment
Use the Dynamic Data and Assets components of Elements XS to manage the work that's done on vehicles and equipment. Use Elements XS to track not only the work that is done with the equipment, but also the work that is done on the equipment.

Web Deployment

Good-Bye Maintenance Nightmares
With a web based deployment, you'll only need to update one instance of the application on your server. No client side installations or maintenance is required. To deploy an application update just update your server and everyone who logs in will have access to the most up-to-date version.

Real-Time Access from the Field
Sign in to Elements XS from any place with an internet connection. Use laptops or tablet devices in the field to access information in real-time. Field technicians can complete work on the job site and send instant updates back to the office. Office personnel can update information to give field technicians real-time updates and customer information.

Utility Billing Integration

No Copying or Synchronizing Data
The unique utility billing integration methods found in Elements XS provide real-time read and write access to and from your utility billing application without duplicating or synchronizing data. When a Service Order is created in the billing application it is instantly available to field operators using Elements XS. When field technicians create and/or complete tasks via Elements XS, the Service Orders are instantly updated and available to view from the utility billing application.

Web Access to Utility Billing
Field technicians can access the information they need directly from the billing application via Elements XS. Customer contact information, location address information, and meter information can be accessed directly from the utility billing application in real-time while on the job site.

Asset Maintenance Schedules

Advanced Scheduling
Configure working hours and holiday schedules to make sure that scheduled maintenance activities don't fall on a non-working day. Create a single recurring Work Order to track maintenance schedules and activities for an entire group of assets.

Calendar-Based Work
All work related items are instantly visible using the included calendar in Elements XS. Use the calendar to get a view of the work that's taking place today, this week, or any other period of time. Double click on calendar items to complete tasks and update information in real-time.

Permits, Licenses, & Inspections

Design Your Documents
Start with a pre-defined template or use the dynamic data engine in Elements XS to create and design your own permits, licenses, inspections, certificates of occupancy, and more; no limits on data collection fields or form designs.

Design Your Workflow
Set automated notifications and triggers to guide documents through the various approval processes and lifecycle stages of each required document. Calculate fees and valuations, manage contractors, inspection results, and more.

Other Forms & Documents
Convert any paper form to a digital data collection form and associate it with any combination of assets. The flexible Dynamic Data Engine in Elements XS allows users to create custom datasets, define form layouts and grids for those datasets, and associate the datasets to any combination of entities within Elements XS.

Flexible Reporting

Advanced Built-In Reporting Engine
Elements XS includes a built-in reporting engine supporting nested reports, powerful HTML integrations, and other advanced features not found in other reporting engines.

  • Reporting templates for master-child reports enable developers to provide end users with a set of formats they can start with, and enable report authors to create a consistent look across an entire suite of reports. Supports exporting to HTML, RTF, TIFF, PDF and Microsoft Excel.
  • Robust HTML support for data formatting
  • Create a cache of reporting themes for common styles, colors, and images in a single location to simplify updates.
  • Report drill-down and drill-through capabilities with matrix (crosstab) functionality enables end users to analyze data with a high degree of granularity.
  • Data visualizers including charts, tables, and matrix functionality
  • Supports true Microsoft Excel transformation, Microsoft Word export and exporting to image formats such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and EMF.

    Other Reporting Options
    Beyond the built-in reporting engine, Elements XS provides an open Microsoft SQL database allowing full reporting access via industry standard reporting engines such as Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services, and others.