Under the Hood

Elements XS is built on the latest technologies including industry standard tools for GIS integration, a Microsoft SQL Server database backend, and the secure web server tools found in IIS.

The GIS integration tools found in Elements XS include the option to either seamlessly integrate with ESRI's ArcGIS Server v10 or integrate with other GIS platforms by copying and/or synchronizing industry standard GIS filetypes into Elements.


.NET Framework
Elements XS is built on the Microsoft .NET framework, providing seamless and secure communication with third-party applications and the ability to model the unique workflow processes of government and utilities.


Internet Information Services for Windows Server provides a flexible, secure, and easy-to-manage web server for Elements XS.

03 SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server database backend provides quick access to data and enhanced reporting capabilities in Elements XS.

04 ArcGIS Server v10

Seamless integration with the latest ESRI server tools provides enhanced GIS functionality and eliminates the need to copy and/or synchronize GIS data.

Core Functionality


The core focus of Elements XS is managing assets - including all costs associated with maintaining and repairing those assets. Both GIS-based assets and non-GIS assets are covered.


Integrations with ESRI's ArcGIS Server v10 and other industry standard platforms provide the necessary tools to increase productivity and maximize GIS investments.

Web BasedTechnology

Distributing asset management data together with GIS and a seamless utility billing integration provide a complete set of management tools for government and utilities.