Case Study: Patching Potholes in Orem, Utah

Justin Gough
15.03.23 07:00 PM Comment(s)

GIS & Elements XS Helping to Create a Pothole-Free City

Recently the City of Orem, Utah was spotlighted in GovTech magazine for their innovations using Elements XS and GIS to solve the complex issue of potholes.

Orem, Utah has a population of right around 100,000 people and utilizes Elements XS in many departments including streets, water treatment, water distribution, and more. The City has accomplished a lot with Elements XS over the years and we're excited to see some of their hard work highlighted here.

City of Orem Patches Potholes Using Elements XS

You can download the article by clicking the button above, or you can download the full issue of GovTech magazine here, see pages 25-27 for the article.

Justin Gough