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What is Connect?

Connect is a public facing portal that lets you interact with and process applications, requests, and much more from citizens, contractors, and other constituents.

What is Connect Used For?

Connect can be used to manage a wide range of  processes, but typically utilities and local governments use Connect to manage inbound requests and incidents from citizens as well as applications and permit related processes from contractors.

Why Connect?

No other public facing portal is as flexible or seamlessly integrated with the Elements XS enterprise asset management platform.

Citizen Request Screenshot

What Makes Connect Unique?

  • Manage inbound requests, applications, forms, and much more with a single, unified application
  • Process online payments and provide status updates to your constituents in real-time
  • Unmatched flexibility to tackle virtually any aspect of processing inbound data and interacting with citizens, contractors, and others
  • Powerful real-time integration with Esri's ArcGIS platform
  • Quick deployments for citizen requests and customizable processes to support permitting, land management, and much more
  • Powerful out-of-the-box integration with Elements XS enterprise asset management

Get Up and Running. Fast.

New! Connect can be deployed with a pre-built library of citizen requests out of the box to get you up and running, fully integrated with Elements XS enterprise asset management in just a few weeks.

As you grow, Connect can be tailored and customized to tackle even the gnarliest of business processes.

Airplane Flying Fast

What it Does

  • Processes virtually any inbound request, application, or form. Typical uses include:
    • Citizen Requests & Incident Reporting
    • Permits, Applications, & Land Management
  • Manage fees & process online payments
  • Keep your constituents informed with automated status updates
  • Integrate with Esri's ArcGIS platform to display locations of inbound requests and data
  • Fully integrated with Elements XS Enterprise Asset Management out-of-the-box

Who it's For

  • Local government groups
    • Municipal operations
    • Land management & real property
    • Streets, traffic, & public works
    • Parks & rec departments
    • Fleet & facilities
  • Public and private utilities
    • Water, wastewater, & stormwater
    • Gas
    • Electric

How it's Built

  • Web-based, deploy on-site or in the cloud
  • Flexible API access for third-party integrations
  • Use any browser on any device
  • ArcGIS Enterprise & online integrations
  • Mobile interfaces for tablets & phones
  • Powerful integrations with premium-tier payment processors

Why We're Different

  • Self-funded, bootstrapped company from the ground up. Novotx is not owned by any parent company or funded by any outside money.
  • All solutions are built in-house from the ground up, designed to seamlessly work together and share the same database.

What can Connect do for you?

Connect includes a quick out-of-the-box deployment to manage citizen requests for utilities and local government.  Additionally, Connect can be customized and configured to manage many other processes unique to civic operations, utilities, and local government.

Below are some of the processes that have been configured using Connect.

Citizen Requests & Problem Reporting

Quickly report incidents and problems using the power of your own GIS, not someone else's limited map.

Building Permits

Everything from submitting the application to performing inspections, issuing the permit, and everything in between.

Scheduling Service Requests

Everything from picking up and drop off dumpsters, to  requesting a time for an inspection.

Water Rights Permitting

Looking to gain access to water or perform work near protected areas? The GIS integration makes this process sing.

Sewer Tap Permits

Installing a new tap? Combining Connect with the integrated Elements XS asset management platform and GIS is your answer.

Parks & Rec Activities

Report that broken playground equipment and reserve a pavilion for your family party.

Property Use Surveys

Simplify the process to ensure your constituents are properly using allocated resources.

Right of Way Permits

Manage obstructions and efficiently communicate with your contractors.

Land Use Applications

Provide an optimized experience for your constituents to gain better access to land use data and authorizations.

Municipal Permit Applications

Collect online applications for fireworks, firecrackers, outdoor rock bands concerts, and whatever else your city has going on.

Applications for Utility Service

Say goodbye to in-person office visits and paper forms to get the utility bill in your name.

Special Events & Property Use

Parades, holidays, and temporary land and facility use applications can all be managed using Connect.

Code Violations & Enforcement

Report violations and track actions against those violations using Connect with Elements XS enterprise asset management.

Much More!

Connect is a modern, flexible canvas that can be used to process nearly any sort of application or process related to utilities or local government.  Don't see what you're looking for listed here? Drop us a line and we'll see if we can help!

Under the Hood

At the heart of Connect is the ability to design custom forms with unlimited custom data collection fields and relate those forms to custom processes, guiding citizens and contractors through seamless application (and follow up) processes.  Whether your constituents are submitting requests for service, permit applications, or land management data, Connect is built for the task.

Here's a quick look at some of the key features you'll find in Connect.



Custom & Configurable Workflows

Create your own unique business processes from start to finish.



No limits on user-defined

 data structures

Unlimited custom data collection forms, fields, and processes.

Mobile Device


Accessible from any device, any place

Citizens, contractors, and others can access data and submit forms from any device.

Location Icon


Real-time ArcGIS Integration

A unique, live ArcGIS integration makes location visualization a piece of cake.

Notifications Icon


Automated email notifications

Keep your constituents updated with automated status updates.

Chat Icon


Efficient conversation tools

Communicate more efficiently with built in messaging.



Get your money faster

Connect integrates with premium payment processors to simplify collecting online payments

Analytics Icon


Understand your data

Gain insight with tabular, graphical, and GIS-based dashboards and reports

Citizen Problem Report

In the Box: Citizen Engagement & Incident Reporting

With little to no configuration required, Connect offers tools for citizens to report issues and submit requests online. Requests are then processed in the Elements XS enterprise asset management application and citizens can login at any time to view and monitor requests that have been submitted.

Outside the Box, Inside the Wheelhouse

The best fitting suits are tailored to fit you, not you and your neighbor.   The processes below require a bit of tailoring within Connect, providing a better overall experience for you and your constituents.  No suit-sharing required.

...and while you might out grow those suit pants, Connect will grow with you indefinitely, always flexing to your unique needs.

Permit Application

Permitting & Land Management

Use Connect to submit and pay for permit applications, view completed work requests, receive live updates, and more. Permits are cycled through the Elements XS enterprise asset management platform where inspections or other work-related tasks are generated from the request. 

Code Enforcement

Citizens can report issues to help your business manage and enforce municipal code. Users can submit nuisance calls, code violations, case files, and other code-related items including the ability to:

  • Monitor status updates for individual case files

  • Set follow-up dates for code violations

  • Visualize code violation locations on GIS maps

  • Schedule field inspections and reviews

  • Manage fees associated with violations and permits

  • Allow customers to submit complaints and violation reports via the web

Municipal & Utility Applications

Connect can be configured to track any form or application that a citizen or contractor might submit to your office. 

Configure everything from youth recreation soccer applications to new water service applications.

Not Your Typical Software. Not Your Typical Experience.

Connect provides the ultimate tailored experience for citizens and contractors interacting with your local government and utility operations.

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