Technical Support: What to Expect

We work hard to provide quick and reliable support,

keeping you updated along the way.

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Our Commitment To You

We understand that your operations are critical and we're committed to responding quickly to your support requests, keeping you updated at every step of the resolution process. 

Here's How Our Process Works: To make sure we're being as efficient as possiblewe prioritize all requests based on the nature and severity of the request.

We use a 4-tier system to keep things organized; here are a few examples that show what you can expect from our team in some of the most common scenarios.

Tier & Response Time
Typical Request Types
Tier 1 - Routine
(1 Day)
Software is operational but minor adjustments are desired. This includes things like creating or altering application settings, filters, and basic workflows.
Tier 2 - Medium
(4 Hours)
 Software is operational but certain processes are not working.  This includes things like an assignment-based workflow not activating or a GIS-update process that needs adjusting.
Tier 3 - High
(2 Hours)
 Software functionality is restricted. Typically this includes things like maps not loading or the inability to create work against certain types of assets.
Tier 4 - Critical
(1 Hour)
 Software is not functional.  In this case your system is down; you can't login or otherwise use the software.

Bugs, Feature Requests, and Services

When something can't be solved right away we've got you covered.

Here's how we categorize items that are not standard support requests.


When you find something that causes unexpected behavior, usability problems, or incorrect results we want to 

know about it.

Feature Requests: 

Got something that we could be doing better? Should we add or change something to improve? Let us know!

Professional Services: 

When you're looking for custom processes or solutions to be built within Elements XS, the Professional Services Team makes it happen.  Advanced workflows, gnarly reports, and tailored business processes are their specialties.  These are the guys that will make your wildest dreams come true - just like Pedro.

Squashing Bugs

We're committed to providing the best possible user experience in all of our applications. If you come across an issue that disrupts normal funcitonality or causes unexpected behavior, you've likely found a bug.  Bugs can manifest in many ways, including software crashes, incorrect results, or usability problems.  We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Here's how to navigate the bug process:

1. Reporting Bugs

When you've identified a bug, the first step is to report it to our team.  Please provide as much detail as possible; the more information we have, the quicker we can pinpoint the problem and find a solution! Please provide us with the following information:

Steps to reproduce the bug: This helps us see exactly what you're seeing. Be as specific as possible.

Expected vs. actual behavior: Let us know what you thought was going to happen and what actually happened.

Screenshots or screen recordings: Visual information can be very helpful in understanding the problem. 


Report the bug and send the above information through our support email,, and we'll get to work!

2. Bug Triage

Once we receive your bug report, our bug triage process begins. This is where we confirm the bug, determine severity, and prioritize it for fixing. We may reach out for additional information during this phase.

Your job during this phase? Hang tight while our team works through it.  We'll keep you posted so you know what we find and what you can expect.

3. Bug Fixing

Our talented team of bug squashers (engineers) will work to fix the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Some bugs are quick to knock out and some take a bit of time, depending on the complexity of the issue.

Rest assured we'll do our best to restore normal service as quickly as possible. 

4: Resolution and Communication

Once the bug is fixed we'll roll out the solution as part of a software update.

We will notify you when the update is ready and provide you with any other information that may be helpful moving forward. 🙌

Feature Requests & Professional Services

We hear you and we want your feedback.

Your feedback is critical for success and we are always working to improve your user experience.  While standard technical support encompasses troubleshooting and offering help with features provided by Novotx during your deployment, some issues will be categorized as either Professional Services items or Feature Requests for better handling on our end.

Here's what that looks like:

Feature Requests

We're always eager to hear your suggestions! We keep a running list of all customer-requested features and strive to implement new features that will benefit the entire Elements community. You could suggest new functionalities or propose modifications to existing ones.

Professional Services

Professional Services involve separate projects which our Services Team will quote for you. These could include building new reports, creating new workflows or processes, developing or deploying new integrations, crafting new custom objects or processes, or supporting custom items not initially provided by Novotx.


Check out our documentation site. The Elements XS help and documentation site is top notch.  You'll find detailed processes and procedures there as well as in-depth tutorials.  Click the help button within your Elements XS deployment to access the site.

Drop us a note! Email and we'll be in touch shortly; we look forward to helping you find continued success with Elements XS!

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